Hello there!

My name is Lina! I am a game programmer student at The Game Assembly in Malmö.

I have always loved to solve logical problems which first led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in astrophysics. I soon realised my passion for programming and the rest is history.

I enjoy many of the game programming challenges, however, I particularly enjoy   tools ,   systems   and   AI

Utility AI

Specialisation Course

In five intense weeks I created a utility
system for AI to simulate a little restaurant.

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Particle Editor

Spite Absolution

During the making of Spite Absolution,
I started developing a particle editor
which I continued working on during

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Cyber Sloth
  • Editor for our engine
  • ID generation and management
  • Particle editor and pipeline
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Spite Absolution

Cyber Sloth
  • Level exporting from Unity
  • Level importing into our engine
  • Particle editor and pipeline
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Tombstone Interactive
  • Generalized AI components to
    add to actors
  • Enemy AI behaviour and combat
  • Boss fight with several phases
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6 Levels Deep
  • Internal state stack structure
  • Audio manager system
  • Menus and UI
  • Scripted event
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