About Me

Hi! My name is Lina and I am a game programming student at The Game Assembly in Malmö. On my spare time I love to play little adventure games, annoy my cat with cuddles, listen and play music with my partner, skate and also have a few beers and eat tacos with friends.

For this semester, I look forward to my internship at Tarsier Studios in Malmö.

Before my game programming journey, I studied at Lund University to pursue a bachelor's degree in astrophysics. My interest in physics stems from a fascination with sci-fi movies and books and I decided to head into the field of natural sciences after reading Ulf Danielsson's Stjärnor och Äpplen som Faller (2003) in 9th grade. My physics degree taught me a lot of general knowledge about many fields within physics; I have at some point learned the delta-epsilon derivation for continuous functions, cried over ls-coupling of electron states and I remember my particle physics lecturer walking us outside to throw small bean bags to simulate the annihilation of quarks.

In 2018 I went on an exchange semester at Santa Clara University in California (smack in the middle of Silicon Valley). I took some cool courses in music theory, wrote some fun pages about cosmology but one course really stood out among the others. This course presented us students with amazing talks from Google, Facebook and cyber security companies and took us on a field trip to the Computer History Museum. This was Introduction to Computer Science where I first got to be familiar with C++. After this, all I needed to get pushed into the right direction was a few friends at a party who talked about the amazing world behind the making of computer games. I had never even realised the possibility and what a great realisation it was!

After that I have happily enjoyed making games in an environment with likeminded and passionate people. I have discovered that making games involves the same logical problem solving that I enjoyed in physics, but also allows my creative and curious side (the music and sci-fi loving one) to fully bloom and explore new scenarios to put to life.